American cable television channel MSNBC provides NBC News coverage as well as its own reporting and political commentary on current events.  MSNBC viewers are dedicated fans. That often ascribe their brand affinity to how connected or inspired they are to the hosts, especially the Rachel Maddow fans. 

Most people equate streaming with apps, especially over-the-top devices, and there was a gap in the market for news. My team explored a concept for a system that created continuity in the experience from a TV to a person’s mobile device or tablet that was likely also in use or within habitual reach.


Define a digital app strategy for MSNBC that would fulfill on key business goals such as growing and capturing consumer data for MSNBCs target audience while driving daily engagement among core audience members.


My team and I defined a convergent digital strategy that allowed for consumers to establish their identity, consume perpetually updated content and participate with live broadcasts hosted by their favorite news personality.